Photoshop Your Way to Celebrity Friendship and Other Funny Things

The internet can be such a dark place. There are so many stories — for example, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MILEY AND LIAM??? — that weigh heavily upon the soul. It’s just so hard to read about all of the turmoil in the celebrity realm. Sometimes, I just want to throw my computer out of the window, like I’m Amanda Bynes and this Macbook is a bong vase. But then I see that some guy has photoshopped himself into pictures of my favorite stars, and I start to feel better.

Welcome back to Celebrity Meme Roundup, where we like to share funny celebrity content — memes ‘n’ things — we noticed over the course of the week. What made you laugh? Please, share with us in the comments or by using the “upload photos” button at the bottom of this post. And now, without further delay, let us laugh. Together.

So yeah, THIS GUY. His whole Instagram is just Photoshopped images of him and celebrities? Seems legit.

This supercut of movie dances will entertain you for approximately five minutes:

And then there’s this disturbing new thing called “Sloth-Facing” in which — you guessed it! — celebrity faces are transformed into sloth-like monstrosities:

Awhile ago, we shared the ‘80s Don Draper novelty Twitter feed with you. Now there’s a “music video,” because there’s nothing the internet loves more than repackaging old content…

Remember when we saw the Furby versions of pop stars? There are more now!

We end today’s Celebrity Meme Roundup with this, because PIZZA is the best note to go out on:

And with that, we end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. But it doesn’t really have to end here. Send us your favorite memes and macros by using the widget below:

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See you next week!