Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Read Any 300 Words of Your Choosing

Samuel L. Jackson Reddit
Obviously you should ask Samuel L. Jackson to read any 300 words of your choosing, but which 300 words should you ask Samuel L. Jackson to say. That is the question.

Jackson posted yesterday in Reddit's /r/movies subreddit, announcing the contest. The rules are simple, post any 300 words to the forum and the most upvoted entry will be read by the man himself, in his unmistakable monologue style. In Jackson's own words: "let's go muthaphukkas give me something interesting to say!!!!"

The contest is being held to support the Alzheimer's Society. Jackson mentions the disease has affected members of his family, including his mother who passed away recently.

Jackson is also offering the chance to meet him in London. One person who donates $3 or more on his Prizeo page will win a trip to London where they will get to eat lunch with Jackson himself. Anyone who donates $200 or more will get a signed Kangol hat -- a Jackson signature.



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