Watch: Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Shoot Bullets, Lady Gaga Gets A Gun

If you want a movie with half-naked ladies, cool weapons and big explosions heavily dosed in grindhouse ultra-violence and subversive social commentary, then look no further than Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to 2010’s Machete.

A real movie based on a fake trailer, the follow-up — titled Machete Kills — boasts plenty of bloodbaths and babes for hungry eyes.

In the freshly-released trailer, star Sofia Vergara shoots bullets from her machine gun boobs while Lady Gaga totes a gun. Meanwhile, Michelle Rodriguez says things like “taco time” as she holsters her revolver. So yes, it’s that type of movie.

Also starring Jessica Alba, Amber HeardMel Gibson, Charlie Sheen (using his real name Carlos Estevez) and Danny Trejo as the titilar character Machete, the action flick is due out in September.

Watch the Spanish-language trailer, above.