An Open Apology To Chris Pine From Your Girlfriend’s Mom

Chris Pine, if you’re reading this, your (maybe soon-to-be ex) girlfriend’s mom has something to say to you.

She’s beyond sorry for questioning your sex symbol status and not quite understanding what her daughter (bikini model Amanda Frances) sees in you.

To refresh your memory, she told Celebuzz (with a laugh): “I didn’t think he was that good looking. He’s got too much hair on his face and big eyebrows.”

At the end of the day, she was really only thinking of her 23-year-old daughter: “But I guess nobody is really good enough for her,” she added.

She insists it was all tongue-in-cheek, she’s a “HUGE jokester” and hopes her words ease any hurt feelings.

Please read her apology for yourself…

Dear Mr. Pine,

I pray that you get to read my apology or someone will tell you about it, all I can say is that I am a clueless idiot… anyone that knows me will tell you, that I am just a HUGE jokester its (sic) hard for me to be serious for more than 10 minutes, I am a very lighthearted gal, I wish I would have never answered this call. Of course I fibbed to all my family and said I said nothing :( I didn’t realize this was such a humungASS deal till I started getting the wrath from my family for what I said, its (sic) not like I was just talking about one of her regular friends..EEEKKK (a moment here where I am jumping up and down with my eyes crossed and and banging my head on the wall!) I am going to obey my husband & practice the zipper from now on! :) Amanda has made a very big life for herself and for that I am so proud of her, she is very smart, beautiful and confident, I hate that she is so mad at me now, I just need to cut the apron strings and step back.

Pamela Theriot