Looks Like Beyonce's Not Pregnant After All...

Beyonce drinks wine and photographs it to reaffirm that she is NOT expecting baby No. 2.

Beyonce's latest batch of personal photos posted on her Tumblr show a very different side of the singer. Particularly, an "I'm not pregnant!" side.

In the Queen B-approved snapshots taken presumably during one of her stops on the Mrs. Carter World Tour, the "Grown Women" crooner is seen sipping on wine with her husband, Jay-Z, as the two dined at a fancy European restaurant.

If that's not enough to convince you that Bey's not with child, the 31-year-old has also posted a close-up of just the $750 bottle of Barolo to, you know, confirm that it is wine that she's drinking (and a damn good one too).


In another photo, Jay-Z is seen playfully lifting up Blue Ivy's mama because, as everyone knows, he wouldn't have done that if she was expecting again.

To further the "seriously guys, I'm not pregnant" argument, Beyonce herself has poked fun of baby rumors -- posting a note on her Instagram reading, "All I can do is sit back and laugh."

Jay-Z too has went on the record to confirm there's no bun in the oven at the moment.

So there's that.



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  • paus

    Thanks for sharing

  • paus

    very cute

  • misshollywood

    GABRIELLE CHUNG - WOWOWOW what an awesome reporter you are! You think posting a picture of a bottle of wine & her drinking from a wine glass PROVES anything? Hang on...let me show you a picture of me standing next to Elvis & Michael Jackson to PROVE to you that they are both still alive. YOU are an idiot. This was my first time to this website and will be my last!

  • misshollywood

    We ALL know Bey isn't "really" pregnant. She's never been "really" pregnant. Hello folding stomach on talk show. Yes, i saw pics and the video.

  • hollyportland

    C'mon y'all? Who even thinks the first pregnancy was real? We love her regardless if she's pregnant, not pregnant, used a surrogate or plans to use the same surrogate for another child. It's okay!! With a career like hers .. she can only do so much! She's a woman not SuperWoman. But if I actually believed she gave birth .. I'd want to see NEWSPAPER next to that wine bottle & honestly, having a small sip or pretending to have one, doesn't prove .. anything. :)