Who’s on Twitter? Vol. 5

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There are more than 500 million people on Twitter. Some of them are teens. But some of them are famous people! And since we can’t all be Justin Bieber, Celebuzz is paying tribute to the decidedly less high profile users of Twitter.

Right Said Fred
Age: 59/55
Occupation: Singers
Twitter Handle: @TheFreds

You’ll know Right Said Fred as the brothers who decided to compose a song naming all the things they were too sexy for, an early version of a listicle, really. It inexplicably became a hit because the ’90s were a weird time for everyone.

They might be too sexy, but they’re also a little too political.



The confusing part is, it’s unclear where they stand, politically, as they call just about everyone dumb.




For reference, Britain’s Labour Party is center-left and the Conservative Party (Tories) is center-right. Current Prime Minister David Cameron is a member of the Conservative Party and former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a member of the Labour Party. Margaret Thatcher was a member of the Conservative Party. You’ll be please to know that they are, however, keeping sexy.





They also love to remind that they were once, in fact, a big deal.



And now you know who’s on Twitter.