Zachary Quinto’s Argument Against High-Heeled Sneakers Leads The Week in Celebrity Tweets

Dearest fashionistas and shoe lovers alike, Zachary Quinto’s got a fashion tip for you.

Earlier this week, the Star Trek Into Darkness star took to Twitter to address a fashion trend that got him all hot and bothered.

“gals: take it from a gay. these high heeled sneakers are THE WORST,” he wrote. “reverse the trend while you still can. history won’t remember fondly.”

Elsewhere in the wonderful world of Twitter, Kim Kardashian revealed why she can no longer post Instagram photos of her jewelry or other “cute things,” Olivia Wilde had a revelation about one of America’s greatest filmmakers and Patton Oswalt gave Rob Lowe a “high compliment” after watching the latter in HBO’s Behind The Candelabra.

Lastly, Amanda Bynes’ week on Twitter included everything from exchanges with model Chrissy Teigen to a jab at Lance Bass.