Amanda Bynes’ Former Co-Stars Are Worried About Her

Amanda Bynes was once a precocious pre-teen plucked from the stage of Hollywood’s famed Laugh Factory at a mere 9-years-old to star on one of television’s most popular sketch comedy shows — and catapulted into stardom.

It’s that sweet and innocent little girl her former co-stars remember most — a far cry from the seemingly lost 27 year old who’s photographed wandering the streets of New York City, posting controversial Twitter rants and provocative (and sometimes disturbing) photos, and being handcuffed by police in the middle of the night.

Katrina Johnson, who worked with Bynes as an original cast member on Nickelodeon’s All That, often thinks about growing up together on the comedy circuit before making it to the small screen.

“I got Amanda hired at All That because we were doing stand-up at The Laugh Factory and the producers came to see me and I said ‘look at her!’” Johnson told Celebuzz.

“She was very funny and she had the perfect act. She had a pimple inside her nose that she couldn’t pop,” Johnson said with a laugh.

Now, 31-year-old Johnson, who lives in Las Vegas where she hosts an online radio show, questions whether what’s going on with her friend today is just an act or the real thing.

“I would say it’s all fun and games because it is entertainment, but not when the police are involved. I was hoping it was a publicity stunt, but there are so many different cases [against her now] I’m starting to worry,” she said.

Fellow All That co-star, Alisa Reyes, is in disbelief about what she’s seen and read about Bynes’ increasingly wacky behavior.

“I remember her as this bubbly and excited young girl,” said Reyes, 32, who working on her own reality show with Johnson. “I remember laughing on set with her, she was a bundle of joy and full of energy.

“I just think maybe she doesn’t have the best of influences.”

Crystal Hunt, who played Bynes’ best friend in the 2007 film Sydney White, has wanted to reach out to the What I Like About You star since she read about the troubled actress splashed across headlines.

“She couldn’t have been more professional [when we worked together]. You hear so many things about child actors and she wasn’t that,” said Hunt. “She was so down-to-earth.

“She’s changed so much. I don’t know how she went from the Amanda I worked with to this.”

Click through the gallery above to see exclusive photos of an adorable Amanda Bynes on the All That set before she was famous.