The Internet Doesn’t Get Better Than This Caption Contest Featuring a Photo of Backstreet Boys Holding Panda Bears

Backstreet Boys. Panda bears. Caption contests. Separately, these are three great things. All together: THE GREATEST THING! So basically what I’m saying is, this, right here, is the greatest thing. Ever, probably. There is really no point in going on after this. Nothing will be as good. So savor these winning captions, for nothing will ever seem as sweet or as magical or as wonderful or as amazetasticalicious again.

Hey do you think we can get one? I think it’s way better then JB’s monkey!” – Catherine
“Panda on the right is saying to the Panda on the left – “Yo, whatever you do, don’t share the bamboo with them boys!” LOL” – Jodi

“hey brian i think we found the missing link, i wonder if howie nick and aj will be pissed….backstreets back alriiiight!” – Jvess

“No you can’t have my panda Kevin, even if you are family!” – Niurka

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