Kardashians Fan Week: Share Your Favorite Kardashians Photo

Welcome to The Kardashians Fan Week!

I hear you asking, “WHAAATTTT?!?! What is this all about!” Let me explain:

Each week we”ll select a celebrity or pop culture event — like a movie or album release, or an awesome TV show — and dedicate a series of posts to that topic. But the posts won’t be your typical “read what we have to say about X” articles. Fan Week posts require your input! We’ll ask you to share your thoughts, your votes, your fan art, and/or your photos. Essentially, we are giving you a week-long opportunity to get your fanboy/fangirl on, and who could say “no” to that?

We begin our Fan Week series with the Kardashians. Any Kardashians fans out there? Hahahahha, why did I even ask that? Of course there are! So get ready, fans, because we’re going to put you to work, starting now.

Return tomorrow — and every day through Friday — for a new opportunity to demostrate your love for the Kardashians. For now, send us your favorite photo of the Kardashians! It’s super simple:

1) Use the hashtag #KardashianFanWeek on Twitter or Instagram to send us your favorite Kardashian photo

2) It can be a photo of your favorite Kardashian, your favorite photo of all the Kardashians, or really any Kardashian-related photo you love

3) You can also use the uploader below to submit your favorite Kardashians photo

Once we begin receiving submissions, they will display in a gallery below.

So join us, won’t you, for a week-long celebration of all things Kardashian! We can’t wait to see your favorite photos of the fam!

Remember to return tomorrow for a new Kardashians Fan Week event!