Stars of ‘Hit the Floor’ Talk Parenthood

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Hit the Floor premiered on Monday and two of the show’s stars credit being real life parents in helping them portray their respective characters.

“My oldest daughter is the exact same age as Taylour [Paige],” says Kimberly Elise, one of the stars of VH1’s Hit the Floor, “so when I look at Taylour and see her life and the things she’s experiencing, it mirrors my own daughter in so many ways.”

The show starts off with Asha (Paige) auditioning for the Los Angeles Devils dance team, despite her mother’s wishes. Elise, who plays Asha’s mom Sloane, isn’t afraid of sharing how much of her own life experiences actually go into playing the role of ex-basketball dancer turned single mom. “I imagine my daughter in that situation,” she explains, “and it’s so complicated, scary and challenging.”

And while the show promises some sizzling dance scenes and deep drama Elise wants to bring the viewers back to the show’s true, and touchingly tender, meaning. “The heart of this show is Asha and Sloane,” Elise tells Celebuzz, “and the dynamic between this mother and daughter and the outside forces that affect it and how they survive that.”

That exact dynamic is one that Charlotte Ross, who plays the show’s dance coach, is very familiar with. “My son is my best friend,” Ross tells CB!, “one of the wonderful things about being a single parent is that you’re either fully on or fully off.” Ross was in her fifth year of NYPD Blue when her pregnancy was written into the show and she was able to take a break from acting to be a mom. And funny enough Sloane isn’t the only one worrying about her child following in their footsteps, Ross is too.

“Well I don’t want to tell him what to do or anything,” Ross takes a deep breath, “but I would hope he doesn’t want to be a professional actor.” So what does he want to do?

“He happens to actually like acting and singing.” But Ross’ son is still young and has plenty of time to try new things. His mother is certainly relieved that the time for choosing a career isn’t until a few more years, “Right now,” Ross laughs, “he’s gonna play soccer!”

While Ross and her son maybe be in the clear– for now, Hit the Floor‘s Asha and Sloane still have a long way to go.

Hit the Floor airs Mondays at 9PM on VH1.