Alex McCord Gives 'RHOC' An East Coast Breakdown

What to do when you're watching The Real Housewives of Orange County and you can't make sense of what the Californians are talking about?

You call on reality veteran Alex McCord to break down exactly what's happening on and off-camera.



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  • lorilu

    Great Alex, as usual!

  • Joel Davies
    Joel Davies

    I think Vicki realised the dinner was boring and so livened it up for the show (and most likely her own entertainment). I would've much rather have seen that. I think Tamra "made up" with Alexis because she may have realised there was a spin off potential with her wedding so is trying to win back some fans.

  • realjunkie

    Hi Alex- a couple of things- up until this point I was feeling bad for Vicki and had forgotten how self-involved she is. Well this episode took me back! I agree Heather picked the wrong venue (I also think Heather is more suited for RHOBH, but that's another story). But I also agreed with her comment about basically sucking it up and if you don't like it, don't go back. Vicki was HORRIBLE in this episode. First of all, she wasn't one of the "hosts" and had no right to change the itinerary. Only the hosts (Gretchen and Heather) or the bride to be (Tamra) could have done that. Vicki has no regard for what other people want to do, or what they have planned and acts like a spoiled child who won't quit til she gets her way. She was embarrassing to watch. And Tamra never should have gone along with it. If you saw the preview for next week (Gretchen screaming at Tamra), I have a feeling in the fight of Vicki vs. Gretchen for Tamra BFF title, Gretchen is going to lose.