Jay-Z Wants You to Blame Society, Beyoncé’s Just Like, “Shut Up and Check Out This Caption Contest!”

Um, excuse me, Jay-Z, but “blame society” for what? The fact that we still don’t know when your beautiful and talented wife, Beyoncé, plans to release her  new album? For the fact that The Blueprint III wasn’t all that amazing? For my illiteracy and inability to feel compassion for others? We want answers, Jay!

Until we get them, though, we’ll just settle for presenting yesterday’s Caption Contest winners:

“Just smile and wave, they will be looking at my shirt, not looking yo see if you look pregnant!” – Marian

“No I didn’t tell him to wear that shirt” – William

“Hi, I hope no one is looking at his shirt. My husband can be an idiot sometimes.” – Claudia

“blame society for ridiculous childrens names such as blue ivy” – Kristin

“”He’s not joking. We blame society for our mistakes.” – Tiara