Farrah Abraham Is Back in a Bikini Again

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham made quite the splash when she visited Miami Beach on Saturday.

The 20-year-old personality (or whatever you want to call her), who set the world on fire when her sex tape hit the Internet last month, was photographed frolicking along the shore as she reportedly picked seashells out for her daughter, Sophia, in a yellow-and-pink bikini. During the process, she still managed to stop and pose at just the right angle, which would make sense for someone who just had a camera documenting her every move.

See photos of her day in the sun, above.

Abraham filmed her now-infamous sex tape with porn star James Deen, who wasn't all that happy with her post-tape antics. She's since revealed she filmed the tape because she's, like, sad sometimes.


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  • steed2

    Jealous haters say what you want, but Farrah's got one awesome bikini body! You rock the beach, girl!

  • Jodi Reisman Nelson-Springberg
    Jodi Reisman Nelson-Springberg

    Who in their right mind shows up to a beach holding a bottle of diet pills? Methinks this is an opportunistic photo op.