Kardashians Fan Week: Share Your Kardashian Konfessions

Welcome back to Kardashians Fan Week! We’re celebrating your love of all things Kardashian all week long!

Yesterday, we asked you to share your favorite picture of the Kardashians. You sent us some amazing pictures and helped us create this beautiful gallery. Today, we’re getting a little more personal and asking you to share any Kardashian-related konfessions you may have. (See the image above for an example.)

Our friends at Whisper have helped us out by providing us with a great example of a Kardashian Konfession, but now we want to hear from you. So please, share your sekrets!

There are plenty of ways for you to share your Kardashian Konfession:

1) Leave a comment with your konfession.

2) Send us your konfession in a tweet with the hashtag #KardashianKonfession. (It will display in the widget below.)

3) If you’d like to get visual, use Whisper to create a konfession similar to the one above. Share the link to your photo in a tweet with the hashtag #KardashianKonfession or in the comments on this post.


Here are a few more #KardashianKonfessions to get the juices flowing:

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say! Remember, to return each day through Friday for a new Kardashians Fan Week event!

[Image Credit: Whisper]