Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Strip Down to Swimsuits and Wine Goggles for 'AARP The Magazine'

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb
The Paris Hilton and Tara Reid of the over-fifty set, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb represent everything we hold near and dear about summer -- sun, fun, negroni season -- so they were an obvious choice for AARP The Magazine's June-July cover. What the AARP writer didn't know when she agreed to spend a day with the two at Gifford's Key West home was that what would start as a fun girls-being-girls adventure would spin out of control faster Kathie Lee can pop a cork of pinot.

What follows are all excerpts from the article:

  • "Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb just had a sleepover."
  • "[Kathie Lee]'s wearing a beige furry bathrobe, black ruffled pajama bottoms — and no makeup ... Kotb strolls into the dining room with 3-inch rollers in her hair and a huge smile on her face."
  • "The pair move into Gifford's bedroom, where they paw through a rack of clothing options for the day. 'That's a beach cover-up, right?' asks Kotb, holding up a colorful but skimpy shift.'

    It's a dress!' exclaims Gifford. 'For a far younger woman than Hoda!' Kotb rolls her eyes, and Gifford smacks her on the backside.

    'My Egyptian princess,' she announces as she looks approvingly at her sidekick."
  • "'I only knew the Dateline Hoda,' Gifford explains, 'but I had lunch with the happy hour Hoda. I loved her!'

    Four hours into the conversation, Gifford told Kotb, 'You're the kind of person I'd be friends with for the rest of my life.'"
  • "Gifford and Kotb are poolside. It's noon now, and, as happens so often on their show, the pinot grigio is flowing."
  • "Gifford points at the bottle and shrugs: 'It was Jesus' first miracle.'"
  • "Gifford and Kotb agree to put on swimsuits and take a dip for the photographer ... Gifford jokes, 'Does anyone mind if I pee?'"
  • "Gifford feels equally enriched by the partnership. 'It's like an old man who's taken a young lover,' she quips. 'He's got a jaunty little step.'"


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