Presenting The Best Of One Minute Buzz TV Airhead Moments

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Over the past couple months, we’ve watched a lot of TV – and we mean a lot – to bring you the best Airhead Moments.   We spared no time or expense, and did it all in pursuit of the funniest, most head-slapping moments from networks large and small.

So as summer approaches, catch the last episode of the show above, and then help us look back on the TV Airhead Moments that truly made our day.

On the May 21st edition of TV Airhead Moments, we looked back at the week that was, including a stay-home-sick plan gone awry in The Middle, and some uncomfortable maternal moments in How I Met Your Mother.  But our favorite moment of the week had to be Kevin’s philosophy of life when it comes to reality TV.  “Film people long enough, and they’re going to do something stupid,” he mused.  “It’s only human natural.”  Indeed, Kevin.  Indeed.

Back on May 16th, we watched more from The Office, love life decisions from Schmidt on New Girl, but our favorite had to be Angry Birds finally getting its moment on Veep.

On May 7th, we featured playground passions on New Girl, adventures in babysitting on Big Bang Theory and questionable definitions of a “relationship break” on Happy Endings.  Good times.

And finally, who could forget April 16th, the day we featured our favorite, most voted on Airhead Moment of the year, courtesy of Modern Family.

If you’ve got a favorite Airhead Moment of your own, don’t forget to sound off in the comment section below!