Prince Harry Unveils A Piece Of Royal Wedding History

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Following a service to mark his grandmother’s coronation anniversary, Prince Harry stepped outside to unveil a new plaque commemorating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wedding.

Harry was keen to check out the panel, which depicted a scene from April 29th, 2011.

“He was interested to see the panel,” The Outdoor Trust chairman Hugo Vickers told the Daily Express. ¬†“It depicted the royal wedding and I couldn’t resist the line that, since he was the best man, he was the best man to unveil it.”

The prince was then gifted with a Coronation goblet, made in 1953.  After accepting it, he shook hands with everyone who made the anniversary service a success.

“Well done, you guys, for making it happen,” he said graciously.


“Lots of female admiration & cheers from the crowd for a bashful Prince Harry as he unveiled a walkway plaque commerating the Royal Wedding.