‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Recap: Alexis and Tamra Make Peace While Lauri Creates Chaos

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'RHOC' Lydia plays mediator.
The newest housewife attempts to end feuds.
Could it really be possible for Tamra Barney and Alexis Bellino to bury the hatchet? Stranger things have happened on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lydia McLaughlin, the self-titled “Friendship Whisperer” (really, girl?) took it upon herself to meet with Tamra, and convince her to work things out with Alexis. Shockingly, Tamra agreed to her request, since she feels a tiny bit bad for Alexis being on meds. Alexis, this makes you feel bad, but attacking her constantly doesn’t? M’kay.. Meanwhile, Alexis runs straight to BFF Vicki Gunvalson and clues her in on Tamra’s call to have a sit down.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode: “Viva Mexico”

Later, Tamra, Alexis and Lydia all meet up for drinks, where Tamra shocks everyone (including yours truly) when she apologizes for her behavior to Alexis. Alexis, as usual, sobs like a society dame finding out vodka is out of stock at her local liquor store. She admits she just wants to be given a fair shake from everyone. As touching as these scenes are, will it last? We know how these Orange County dames can be.

Over on the other side of town, Gretchen Rossi meets up with old RHOC alum Lauri Waring Peterson, who makes it a “bash Vicki” day. Lauri stuns Gretchen by claiming she walked in on Vicki having an affair on her ex-husband Donn, and it was with a man and a woman! If this is all true, why is Lauri waiting until NOW to spill this tea about Vicki, when she alleges the insurance mogul tried to ruin her marriage? You would think Lauri would blow Vicki’s world sky high with this nugget of info, but something tells me Lauri’s just trying to gain her spot back on the show with these accusations.

Gretchen swore she’d keep this under her hat, but do we really believe she can hold water, let alone this little gem? Gretchen, Vicki and Heather Dubrowhead south of the border to Mexico for Tamra’s bachelorette party. We know once Tequila is involved, somehow Lauri’s tales of Vicki’s freaky side will slide out of Gretchen’s mouth, especially since she’s bursting at the seams to crush Vicki’s world.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Gretchen and Vicki bickering over who copied sex toys ideas for Tamra. What a conversation to have at the airport.

Thank you, TV gods.: Gretchen being called out for complaining over Heather’s restaurant choice for dinner. Manners much?

Awk-ward: Vicki asking Tamra what sexual position her hubby-to-be Eddie likes, at dinner. Yes it is a girls weekend but that is not dinner talk!

Hotness: The ladies get up for Mexico. Lock up your husbands, the RHOC chicks are on the prowl.

Fab-u-lous: Lydia’s shoe closet. Carrie Bradshaw would be a bit jealous over her collection.

Can. Not. Wait.: For Gretchen to tell everyone about Lauri’s bombshell and for Vicki to confront them both. It will be a major dust up.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7.5.

Is Lauri lying about Vicki? Will Tamra and Alexis stay on friendly terms?

– Jillian Bowe