Taylor Swift Performed with The Rolling Stones Last Night

A Christmas tree farmer by trade, everyday, ordinary girl Taylor Swift is just oh so happy to be here. Where “here” is on any given night is anyone’s guess, but last night it was on stage with The Rolling Stones.

It must have been quite a thrill for Taylor to awake one morning in her palatial estate located just around the bend on a summer’s evening rainbow with a message from her butler. “Meow,” her butler said, because her butler is an old British house cat who oversees a team of woodland nymphs who each day clean her home and keep it stocked with an endless supply of Mint Milanos. However, since Taylor speaks cat, she understood this to mean, “Mick Jagger called. He wants you to perform with him on stage at his concert in Chicago. Also, that Harry Styles is a right git and you’re better off without him.”

Which brings us here, when Swift joined her new boyfriend on stage last night to sing “As Tears Go By.” They even did a little choreographed dance together.

But, then again, this all could have been a dream Taylor Swift had. At this point, we’re too far down the rabbit hole to discern the difference between the real world and the one Taylor Swift dreamt up for us to praise her in.