Coco's Pool Day Looks a Lot Like Yours and Mine, Probably

When Nicole Austin was a young girl, she had a dream: that one day she would become a famous butt lady. "But," young Nicole's parents would say, "famous butt ladies do not exist." Nicole's parents were not dreamers like she was. And it was with that can-do attitude that Nicole Austin transformed herself into Coco: famous butt lady.

Here she is, Nicole Austin a.k.a. Coco a.k.a. Mrs. Ice-T lounging by the pool at her Las Vegas home in all her famous butt lady glory. It appears you've got some catching up to do before you, too, can become a famous butt lady, young woman.



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  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown U SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    I love our is so damn Lucky !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephani Consolini
    Stephani Consolini

    pictures 5 & 6 or the only ones that she's not in a trashy pose. Only those two are nice pics of her.

  • Kathryn Georgia
    Kathryn Georgia

    Coco is an attractive woman, but most of the poses make her look like she's about to take a dump. Breasts look too fake and it looks like she's trying to hold up her drooping butt. Can't stop gravity and the skin can only hold up certain body parts for so long.