Listen: Beyonce Releases ‘Rise Up’ Off The ‘Epic’ Soundtrack

First Beyonce wanted us to “Bow Down” and now she’s asking us to “Rise Up.”

Beyonce’s latest jam (it’s more of an inspirational ballad, really) comes to us from the soundtrack of the upcoming animated film, Epic. Beyonce voices a character in the movie, but she lent her musical stylings as well. We’re not mad. The track was written by Sia and produced by Hit Boy and is filled with classic Bey motivation and believe-in-yourself spirit.

Beyonce sings: Some people try to tear me dow/ They can come each stand and be proud/ You’re a warrior
You’re my warrior /Be who you are /Be who you are know that’s life /Embark in what you see/ Rise up to the wind and I will/ Fight for you and me. (Get the full lyrics at DirectLryics.)

This song is definitely the kind of thing we could envision listening to while giving ourselves a mirror pep talk or preparing to take a scary exercise class. Take a listen to the Epic tune, below.

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