The Scariest Nights In Movie History

Some horror movies build the terror over the course of days, weeks or even years.  But the scary flicks we like the most tend to take place over the course of a single fright filled evening.

In today’s gallery, we invite you to check out the most terrifying movies that take place over the course of a single night.  Whether it goes down at an abandoned country house out in the woods, or a Vampire-filled strip club on the Mexican border, these flicks don’t need more than sunset-to-sunrise to scare us.

In the anticipated new movie The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke, everything is just swell in America. That’s because for one single night a year there are no laws, no rules and no consequences – and everyone gets a chance to work out their aggression.  Watch as one family’s plan to hole up and stay safe goes awry, and leaves them trying to survive the night – and The Purge.

The Purge opens in theaters everywhere June 7th.