48 Photos Of Kate Middleton’s Royal Wave

The royal wave was made popular by The Queen Mother, a sort of “How do you do/keep your distance” gesture that made the public love her even more.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s version, while not nearly as cupped, has made her equally as endearing.

Catherine’s is more of a bashful “Hi! Thanks for coming out to see me,” an extension of her reaction on Buckingham Palace’s balcony on April 29th, 2011.

“Oh wow,” she said, taken aback by the number of people who crowded the mall, eager to get a glimpse of the royal bride.

The public’s adoration is not lost on HRH, who’s always grateful for the flowers and gifts received from well-wishers.  Each person is thanked by the Duchess, and if she isn’t able to reach everyone, Clarence House will sometimes send out a letter to fans on her behalf.