Back Door Drunk Mom: Farrah Abraham’s DUI Guilty Plea Means No Booze For 6 Months

America’s favorite rear-entry portal, Farrah Abraham, has pled guilty to driving while intoxicated last March and was sentenced to six months without alcohol as part of her plea deal, according to TMZ. Abraham was pulled over by police early morning on March 19 for suspicion of drunk driving. It turns out the wily state troopers were correct as Farrah blew a .147 on the breathalyzer during a field sobriety test, which is over the legal limit. A court case ensued, she struck a plea plea deal, and now gets six-month probation, a $500 fine, and one of those ignition lock devices for her car, but thankfully not for her butt hole, which means she can still work during her probation if she so chooses.