Proceeds From This Caption Contest Will Go Toward Improving Sharon Osbourne’s Tough, Tough Life

It’s a fact of life that some people just have it rougher than others. Take Sharon Osbourne, for example. Wow. Hats off. Much respect. I don’t envy anyone who earns a living standing between two half-naked hunks in fancy skirts. How many among us would be so brave? Go to school, kids. Make the most of your future. Sharon is making sacrifices so that future generations won’t have to suffer as she has.

Speaking of bright futures, check out the funny captions our readers submitted for this photo:

“Clowns to the left…jokers to the right…here I am stuck in the middle with youuuuuuu !!” – Bianca

“Them kilts so untidy, they look better on my bedroom floor.” – Elaine

Can I look under their kilts?!” – Adamah

“Relax Ozzy, they are probably gay” – Stephani

“You see, Brit’s and Scot’s can all get along!” – Emily

“On my left is Lunch and on my right is Dinner!” – Nancy

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