Fox Business News Anchors Bash Kelly Cutrone and Working Mothers

In the grand pantheon of shady things Fox News anchors have done/said condemning working mothers is hardly surprising unfortunately. However, it is still wrong.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant made waves Tuesday when he answered a question about the subpar reading abilities of American youth, blaming working mothers for slipping achievement.

I’m gonna get in trouble if I ... you want me to tell the truth? I think parents became, both parents started working, and the mom is in the workplace. It’s not a bad thing. I’m gonna get in trouble, I can just see, I can just see the emails tomorrow. But now both parents are working, they’re pursuing their careers.
His implication is clear, mothers are focused on their careers and not their children. It's completely out of the question that, perhaps, women are able to focus on more than one thing in their life. It is also never mentioned that fathers, too, could read with their children once in a while.

For a discussion on Gov. Bryant's comments, Fox Business News anchors Stuart Varney and Charles Payne invited Kelly Cutrone -- of The Hills and Kell on Earth fame -- onto their program. Cutrone is the CEO of the company she founded and a single mother as well. I spoke with Cutrone on the phone this afternoon and she told me she expected the show to be a discussion about their difference of opinion, though it quickly turned into an attack.

"I was invited on the show and thought Stuart Varney would take the Varney route and I would take the Cutrone route and it would be a good discussion," Cutrone said.

Varney and Payne quickly laid into Cutrone, making it clear they weren't so much interested in what she had to say as they were having someone besides the camera lens to yell at. The most telling part is when Payne asks Cutrone "Do you have a man? Are you married? Why not? What happened?" as if to accuse her of something horrible.

"I was pretty shocked by the whole thing to be honest with you," Cutrone told me. "I was pretty shaken up by it. I'm not crying about it. I'm fine. I just don't think it was a very good interview. It was like a Saturday Night Live sketch."

I reached out to Fox Business News for comment as well, though they have not responded.



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  • hotwasabi21

    Glad to see Celebuzz call out Fox News! The station is full of stuffy old men who seem to be in complete denial about the realities of 21st century American Life. Instead of looking at RESEARCH or FACTS about what is actually contributing to subpar reading in America, he just decides to blame single/working moms; what an ignorant jerk! Fox News: Makes you dumb and mean!

  • Lauralee Solowoniuk
    Lauralee Solowoniuk

    Kelly will turn this planet around one narrow minded man at a time I have personally connected to her books and feel as if I could run the world as a single mother or not I do not have children currently but I know that if an when the time comes I will not be afraid if I have to do it alone or with a spouse further more I am 120% sure my spouse would almost do a better job educating and raising said children! Times have changed bud! Mother wolf has chosen Kelly!!!!!

  • Jessica Gold Schondel
    Jessica Gold Schondel

    Did he ask if she had a man and why not? Lawd have mercy!!! She is, is a sketch out of SNL. I am surprised that he didn't say "Kelly, you ignorant slut". What morons! Fox News is what went wrong with this country because people listen to this crap and believe it and instead of spending time with THEIR children, they are spending time criticizing others.