Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Pay Homage to Childhood Courtship in “Everything Has Changed” Music Video

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are looking back on simpler days, when she was just a girl and he was just a boy.

In the music video for their tender duet, “Everything Has Changed,” what are seemingly Swift and Sheeran mini-mes live out a classic love story, elementary school-style.

After a golden-haired little girl boards a school bus to meet a ginger-haired little boy, the two smitten schoolmates share in small joys throughout the day: lunching atop the monkey bars, making arts and crafts, playing knight and princess in a school production, and slow-dancing in an empty gymnasium.

Pint-sized Sheeran even romances his BFF, sweetly strumming a guitar for her and reading Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook aloud as she she rests at his feet. Ah, young love.

When the school bell rings, there’s finally a glimpse of the grown-up, real-life Swift and Sheeran, as they pick up their respective little lookalikes from school. Swift and Sheeran share a short, knowing glance, before strolling off their separate ways.

Watch the music video, above.