Words Of Wisdom To Amanda Bynes’ Parents From Lark Voorhies Mom

It was only eight months ago that Lark Voorhies’ bizarre behavior was the focus of media attention, not Amanda Bynes.

For those of you who need a reminder, Lark (fondly remembered as Lisa Turtle) grew up on the small screen as a cast member on the hit series Saved By The Bell. And while most of the cast went on to successful Hollywood careers, Lark kept a low profile until last year when her odd behavior during a Yahoo! video interview went viral and later during a PEOPLE interview when it was reported she often stopped “mid-sentence” and would “star off often mumbling to herself” made quite a stir.

But it was her mom, Tricia Voorhies, who revealed to the world that her 39-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and refused to be placed under professional care, which Lark adamantly denied.

Today, it’s Amanda’s wacky (and often disturbing) antics that have led many to question if the 27-year-old’s Twitter rants (taking aim at everyone from Rihanna to RuPaul), shaved head, often disheveled appearance, multiple arrests and alleged drug use are indicative of a mental illness.

Take it from someone who’s been through the media scrutiny and the downward spiral of a daughter who was once a child star, Tricia has some words of wisdom for Amanda’s parents in an interview with Celebuzz.

On What The Bynes Family Can Do:

“I’m sure her family loves her very much, but there’s nothing her family can do under these circumstances, short of them being able to kidnap her and sequester her.

“Because she’s an adult, she’s in a position to take care of herself. They can’t just go into her dwelling without legal authority.

“But be there for her. Give her as much love as you can and it will hopefully turn around. I don’t know if it will, but it certainly can. I can empathize with her family.”

On Dealing With The Media Attention:

“Say nothing whatsoever and err on the side of caution because this is someone you love.

“It can get distorted and even one comment can go through one form of media to another and go beyond what it should. It’s a poison pen, no matter what you say.”

On The Positive Side:

“She’s not the first artist to go off left field and do strange behavior. She won’t be the first and she won’t be the last. But then it’s a thing of the past and people are only talking about the good news. People forget the bad.

“That can turn around for Amanda Bynes and also for my daughter.”

On The Twitter Attacks Against Her Parents:

“She doesn’t want them meddling in her business. Family does because they care. When you meddle it’s out of caring and loving, but they can be resentful. Those closest to you are the easiest to hit.

“Whatever she is going through there is a possibility it can wear off at some point — whatever is impacting her and her thought process. Something has caused her to take a left turn in her life because she wasn’t like this before.”

On How Lark Is Doing Today:

“The relationship between her and I has been much better. She’s focusing on specific areas she wants to explore in the entertainment industry and feels very confident she’ll be able to return to the spotlight.

“Lark lives with me. It just makes more sense under the circumstances until she has better alternatives and more steady income.

“My daughter wasn’t happy that I said she was bipolar. But I was really concerned about her well being. My focus was on my daughter, just like I’m sure the Bynes family. They are focused on their daughter and have a big challenge.”