10 Reasons Why Jimmy Kimmel Is The ‘Funniest M.F.’ Alive

This year’s Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards is presenting Jimmy Kimmel with the “Funniest M.F. Award” and why not? With that charming smile and great sense of humor coupled with his sidekick Guillermo, Kimmel definitely deserves the award.

Conducting studies on people strolling on Hollywood Boulevard and interviewing celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper and young scrabble champions, Kimmel plays a key role in pranking people and sometimes getting pranked himself.

That’s why Celebuzz has compiled 10 of Jimmy’s funniest moments to remind you about why he is indeed, the “Funniest M.F.”

1. Take a look at one of Kimmel’s many studies.People assume everyone knows what YOLO is. Actually, a lot of people don’t:

2. Sometimes, Jimmy may be a little inappropriate:

3. And even if Bradley Cooper had the flu, Jimmy isn’t kiss-ready for the fans:

4. Jimmy plays scrabble with youngins:

5. He also tricks people into embracing their true feelings:

6. Then, his son gives him a taste of his own medicine…Happy Father’s day, dads!

7. Of course, two of America’s favorite talk show hosts, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel have a nice-off. Good one, guys — now we love you even more!

8. Jimmy likes to remind celebrities (in the best way) that they have haters:

9. Jennifer Aniston destroys his new set, NBD. (That’s No Big Deal for those of you who aren’t up-to-date with the lingo.)

10. And FINALLY, Ellen’s “Dance Dare” was pulled on him oh-so-successfully:

Congratulations Jimmy. Stay funny, M.F.!