'Blue Jasmine' Trailer: A Pill-Popping Cate Blanchett Gives Us Her Best Oscar Clip

Once in a blue moon (or in this case, Jasmine), funnyman Woody Allen will throw a drama at us and it'll either be really, really good (InteriorsCrimes and Misdemeanors) or flat-out crap (Cassandra's Dream).

It's hard to tell which route his latest attempt, Blue Jasmine, will take based on its just-released trailer, which has Jasmine herself, Cate Blanchett, moving in with her sister after her millionaire of a husband (Alec Baldwin) turns out to be a big ol' crook.

Still, there are still some things to look forward to -- mainly, the supporting cast, which features Sally Husband as Jasmine's San Francisco-based sister, and Bobby Cannavale as her disapproving husband.

As for Cate: Well, the accent's a bit off, and like Woody's drama's, she can either be really, really awesome or terrible; but at least she's going for it with all the pill-popping and crying-in-the-shower stuff, which is a sign of good faith, I guess.

And as for Woody: Well, as serious as this one looks, he still managed to throw in a line about taking Xanax, because, lol, anxiety will always be funny.

Blue Jasmine opens July 14.



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