This Photo of Taylor Swift Isn’t The Greatest, But Your Captions Are Pretty Awesome

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I mean, look, I don’t claim to be a photogenic person. If a friend takes a picture of me, I beg them to delete it, and when they don’t, I forbid them from posting it online. This method works maybe three percent of the time. So I understand Taylor Swift‘s pain. Because, yeah, this isn’t the greatest picture of her. And if I were her, I probably wouldn’t want it posted for captioning.

But, ya know, life in the public eye comes with a price, and today that price is funny captions:

“So this one time at band camp!” – Lynda

“Hi Harry I still love you” – Kelly

“Hello!! Look at me I am trying to sing!” – Michelle

“Hmm who should I date next….no………no…..maybe” – Keri

“The last guy I dated was this big! HA HA” – Pamela

“Please, stop laughing. Im trying to sing you a song.” – Kelly

“heeeeey you’re my next single” – Janice

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