CommentBuzz: This Week’s Best Comments About Paris Jackson, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Bynes, and More

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It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Are you as happy as I am? They should change the name of Friday to BESTDAY, for it really is better than all the rest.

But wait! I’m not ready to let you go just yet. Oh, stop your crying. You’ll have plenty of time to drink and relax and hang and chill and do whatever the “cool kids” do, but first, you must check out our favorite reader comments of the week. “But whyyyyyyyyy????” you ask? Because I said so, and because we have some really great comments this week! Some real thinkers for you to take with you in your mindbrain and sit with over the weekend. “Fine! We’ll read them, so let’s get to it,” you say. And get to it we shall:

Paris Jackson‘s attempted suicide and subsequent hospitalization was a big topic of conversation:

“Bottom line, she still misses her dad and is searching for that missing piece to make her feel loved whether its with her mom or through Twitter. This is a wake up call because she needs professional help. I know she will be fine. Media and people in general can be cruel. Paris loved her dad very much. Too many olks trying to say that Michael wasn’t her real dad…maybe not biologically” – Kathryn

“It is sad that so many people put so much emphasis on money and the happiness it does not bring. Quality time always beats quantity. Proceeding with the MJ lawsuit opens wounds that were trying to heal. Does it take this much to see that she needs someone to listen to her and not just hear. I am glad she is ok. Hopefully it is a wake up call for all parties involved.” – paus


And when Kim Kardashianlashed out at the paparazzi, you guys rushed to her defense:

“Honestly people, it doesn’t matter that this is Kim Kardashian. It could be Kim, Angelina Jolie, or just your neighbor next door but NO ONE should have 5784676836864 grown/old ass creepy men literally stalking and chasing them around, no matter who it is. Not only is that such an annoying and frustrating way to live but hello, SHE”S PREGNANT!! They have threatened her and her baby’s life and that is NOT OK! I mean they literally boxed her in her own car, it’s just not ok. It really doesn’t matter who it is, this a a very pregnant woman just trying to live her life and she should be able to without feeling scared or threatened. She may have made mistakes in the past and yeah her family may be infamous but still, it’s unacceptable. I do feel bad for her and for anybody that has to deal with that sort of thing. She already has enough to deal with being a new mom and all. I just think people need to be a little more understanding.” – kia2993

“As a mother of 4 that struggles with money everyday for my kids, understand the struggles of life period. I hated to have my pic taken while I looked like a hot air balloon and would keep me depressed over the way I looked. Famous or not this beautiful lady is having a baby and in no time will be posing for pic’s again. I envy her life no struggles when it comes to being able to provide for her family and never have to worry about what bill has to be put on hold. So sit back and think before you bash a women that can be that type of mother. I wouldn’t want to be famous but I’d love to have her life for my children. GIVE her space let her live the life as we do so she don’t have to worry about the next basher tearing her down. This is probably the hardest 9months of her life. But I promise as time comes she will be in those shots again as gorgoiae as always giving you the shot u want. Just remember what if that was your wife being DONE that way. Kim, lovie!!! Keep ur head up,love ya!!” – cameronparris55

“No one has the right to box her in with 4 vehicles just to get a picture, anyone who thinks that is ok needs extensive therapy.” – sueb

When FOX News bashed Kelly Cutrone and working moms, you guys had your say:

“Glad to see Celebuzz call out Fox News! The station is full of stuffy old men who seem to be in complete denial about the realities of 21st century American Life. Instead of looking at RESEARCH or FACTS about what is actually contributing to subpar reading in America, he just decides to blame single/working moms; what an ignorant jerk! Fox News: Makes you dumb and mean!” – hotwasabi21

“Kelly will turn this planet around one narrow minded man at a time I have personally connected to her books and feel as if I could run the world as a single mother or not I do not have children currently but I know that if an when the time comes I will not be afraid if I have to do it alone or with a spouse further more I am 120% sure my spouse would almost do a better job educating and raising said children! Times have changed bud! Mother wolf has chosen Kelly!!!!!” – Lauralee

“Did he ask if she had a man and why not? Lawd have mercy!!! She is right…it, is a sketch out of SNL. I am surprised that he didn’t say “Kelly, you ignorant slut”. What morons! Fox News is what went wrong with this country because people listen to this crap and believe it and instead of spending time with THEIR children, they are spending time criticizing others.” – Jessica

You offered congratulations to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who just welcomed baby girl Everly:

“Think they are going to be wonderful parents… Congratulations to the Tatum family on the birth of your first child. If Mom and Dad are any indication, Baby Tatum will be absolutely beautiful…and a wonderful dancer. Enjoy every minute of parenthood!” – Sue

Amanda Bynesstill gets ya’ll talking:

“ru paul is ugly?? didnt get the memo not impressed you aint fishy, dont throw shade” – karinmccleave

“I’m certainly not attracted to Drake. As for Liam, I am an admirer of his acting chops but I prefer Chris. I have ever since one was on Home and Away and the other Neighbours.” – Jamie

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.