Emma Watson: I Almost Quit Acting After ‘Harry Potter’ Series

Emma Watson may have added five new films to her resume since finishing Harry Potter film franchise, but for the longest time, the British star didn’t even want to continue acting.

In an interview with UK magazine Total Film, the 23-year-old — enrolled in Brown University in 2009 — said she just had to take a hiatus from the acting world in order to find herself.

“I basically took two years out and stepped as far away from it as I could,” she told the publication [via The Huffington Post]. “I mean the Harry Potter films were still coming out but I took time to really try and figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. I even considered not being an actress.”

However, the acting bug caught on and Watson soon found herself postponing her senior-year studies to complete film projects such as the movie adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the star-studded comedy This Is the End, and the Sofia Coppola-helmed The Bling Ring — where the British actress got to experience her adolescent years all over again as the teenage burglar, Nicki.

Watson said she even identified with the troubled character, who is loosely based on Pretty Wild star and real-life ring member Alexis Neiers. Well, expect for the parts about wanting the hog the spotlight, that is.

“I think anyone can relate to those teenage years when you’re feeling pressured by what your friends are doing, feeling very image conscious, wanting to fit in,” she said. “What I couldn’t really identify with was that I’m quite a private person and Nicki’s an exhibitionist—she absolutely loves attention and wants to be seen. So she’s really the opposite from me from that perspective.”

The Bling Ring is due out June 22.