Kardashians Fan Week: Write a Haiku About the Kardashians

Well, friends, we've reached the end of Kardashians Fan Week. We've had such fun seeing your favorite photos, hearing your #KardashianKonfessions, finding out which Kim Kardashian maternity looks you love most, and checking out your kollections.

As our last challenge, we would like you to write us a haiku about the Kardashians! A haiku is a short, three-line poem that follows this structure:

5 syllables

7 syllables

5 syllables

See the main image of this article for a ~*~beautiful~*~ example.

Once you've written your masterpiece:

1) Send it to us on Twitter by adding the hashtag #KardashianHaiku. Your tweet will display in the widget below.

2) Alternatively, you can leave it in the comments of this post.

Haikus sent to us via Twitter will display here:

And that, dearest Kardashian fans, is a wrap on Kardashians Fan Week. We can't wait to read your haikus and for you to join us next week for a new series of fan events!



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