Queen Elizabeth Crashes A Live BBC Broadcast

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was invited to open the brand-new BBC Broadcasting House in London today, giving a speech in honor of the media company that was founded in 1922.

Decked out in a colorful blue outfit, HM toured the new facilities and even found herself on Julian Worricker and Sophie Long‘s live broadcast.  The anchors, who didn’t expect to see the Queen standing behind them, took a moment to register the person who unwittingly appeared on camera.

Her Majesty then gave a broadcast over BBC Radio 4, according to theTelegraph.

“I remember first coming to Broadcasting House with my father the King and my mother and sister shortly before the war,” the Sovereign recalled.  “I came again with the Duke of Edinburgh shortly before the coronation in 1953.

“I hope this new building will serve you well for the future and I am delighted to declare it open today.”

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital last night for abdominal surgery, according to the New York Times.  This was not an emergency operation, according to Buckingham Palace, but rather a scheduled one.  Prince Philip attended a garden party at the palace yesterday before walking into hospital unaided.  It is believed he will recover there for the next two weeks, missing his 92nd birthday celebrations and Trooping of the Colour on June 15th.

Watch the videos below to see Queen Elizabeth’s news appearance:

[Video Credit: Telegraph]