Prince Harry’s (Rumored) Girlfriend Attends Kate Middleton’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding

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Ready for a game of “British Society Weddings And How Everyone Knows Everyone?”

Grand.  Let’s begin.

We’ll start with the free-spirited girl dressed likes she’s going to a craft fair.  24-year-old Cressida Bonas, a society girl and friend of Princess Eugenie (also at the wedding yesterday), has been reportedly seeing Prince Harry since late last Spring.  Though they were photographed together in Switzerland in February, the Daily Mail claims they’re “on the rocks.”

Quite frankly, Bonas showing up alone to a wedding means nothing, since Harry and Prince William don’t like drawing attention to their personal lives until they’re very serious about a girl.

Case-in-point: William and the Duchess of Cambridgefinally walking into church together at Harry Meade’s wedding in October 2010, acknowledging the fact that they were, in fact, a couple.

Anyhoo, Bonas and Eug attended the wedding of Rupert Finch and Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, co-founder of the ethically-sound and ethereal label, Beulah London.  Finch, now a lawyer, dated the DoC at St. Andrew’s University when she was a freshman (just a year or so before W&K would start their romance).

Finch and Lady Natasha, who attended 2011’s royal wedding together, got engaged last year in Marrakech.  The designer is a good friend of Prince William’s.

It’s reported that the Duke and Duchess were invited to the nuptials, but had to decline due to being inundated with so many invites.

Ugh, aristocratic wedding season.  Am I right?