Simon Cowell Egged During Live Broadcast of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’

Yesterday was the season finale of Britain’s Got Talent’s seventh season. While a dance group from Hungary named Attraction was crowned the winners, the best part of the show came during a performance by Richard and Adam Johnson. While singing “The Impossible Dream,” a woman ran onstage and began to pelt Judges Simon CowellAmanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams with eggs. She was quickly grabbed by a security guard and pulled off stage.

The woman has since been identified as Natalie Holt, a member of the Johnson’s band. “I basically took a stand against people miming on television and against Simon and his dreadful influence on the music industry,” Holt later told The Telegraph. ITV, which airs Britain’s Got Talent has said it does not plan to press charges against Holt.

Cowell has responded to the incident on Twitter, via #subtweet.