Amanda Bynes Attracts Some (Unwanted) Attention At The Mall

So this is what happens when Amanda Bynes goes to the mall for a relaxing day of shopping wearing her signature blonde tattered wig, oversized sunglasses… and carrying her little dog.

As I’m sure you could imagine she drew quite the crowd… and enticed a bit of singing (yes, singing) from some fans.

And don’t even think about taking her photo — because she’ll steal your phone and delete the snaps.

Well, that’s apparently what she did on Saturday when the Twitter-friendly troubled starlet made the journey from NYC to the Westfield Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey, eyewitnesses tell Celebuzz.

“Someone took a picture of her and she got mad,” said eyewitness Josh Freeman. “So she took the phone from the kid and literally deleted the picture off of it. She gave it back, she just deleted the picture.

“Then a crowd formed around her and she started walking fast towards the exit.”

Freeman added a few fans had even hoped a familiar tune would get Bynes’ attention.

“Two kids sang The Amanda Show theme song. It was funny.

“A lot of people were laughing, most people were kinda of like talking about how it was Amanda Bynes,” he said. “She was kinda embarrassed. She kept like yelling ‘no, no pictures.’ Her hair was an absolute mess. It was just like a mess, all knotty and stuff.”

And like the former child star has adamantly told us all before, she wasn’t ready for her close-up.

“She told us to stop following her and taking pictures of her because she had not gotten her nose done yet,” another eyewitness Rosanna Luna told Celebuzz.

“She was rude and she was talking to herself,” she added. “But then again, if I was being followed, I’d be pretty pissed as well. However, she did go to one of the busiest malls around here on the busiest day of the week alone.”

Another eyewitness, however, said the 27-year-old actress looked picture perfect, wig and all.

“She didn’t look bad at all, other than her wig that needed a nice brush through it,” said fellow shopper Michael Alexander. “But she denied to take any photos with anyone to not cause a scene. Everyone’s heads were turning as she walked past them.

“She was actually very, very pleasant. I said ‘hey, Amanda’ and she smiled, waved, and said hello back.”

Alexander said the twice-arrested star was “strutting” through the shops with her Yorkie and Urban Outfitters bag in hand, but when the crowd gathered to about 15 people she tried to “scurry away.”

“She just seemed as though she wanted to get away and get her shopping done,” he said. “[It] made me feel really bad. She politely said to people as they were running up to her ‘no, please.’”

Well, we can’t blame the girl for needing a little retail therapy. After all, Bynes has had a rough few weeks (you know, since getting handcuffed and thrown in jail by NYPD after allegedly throwing a bong out your apartment window).

It seems the now-infamous Tweeter’s loyal mall following (that’s reached nearly 2 million online) just couldn’t believe they were actually seeing the What I Like About You star in the flesh.

“When I first saw her I really had to do a second take,” added Alexander, “’cause I couldn’t believe it was actually her.”