Neil Patrick Harris Shoots Down N-Word Speculation: ‘I Would Never Be So Disrespectful’

Was that really the N-word that slipped out of Neil Patrick Harris’ lips during his opener at Sunday’s Tony Awards?

Some media outlets — like The Daily Mail — speculated the ceremony’s host dropped the slur during his opening act while singing alongside side former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. But Harris is here to say, no way.

Well, what word did he sing? It’s hard to decipher, but decide for yourself by watching the clip above (around the 3:27 mark).

Apart from that hitch, Harris earned raves for his fourth time serving as ringmaster of Broadway’s biggest kudofest. And he took a morning-after bow on Twitter, thanking all those who lent him a hand in a series of heartfelt tweets.

You and us both, NPH.