Internet Fooled by Fake Trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’ Documentary

This trailer, which has been making the internet rounds this week, is purportedly for a documentary film called Spook Central, deconstructing theories about subtle themes and subtext in the 1984 classic, Ghostbusters. From obesity, to the tobacco industry, to a woman’s right to choose, everyone has some idea about what the movie really means.

The trailer is, however, a joke. Mocking films like Room 237, which was released last year and featured several theories about what Stanley Kubrick was really trying to say in the film, including one theory that the movie was Kubrick’s way of admitting his involvement in faking the lunar landing of 1969. Several sites have been fooled, and reported on the trailer as if it were for an actual documentary. First of all, there is no website for Spook Central, which would be incredibly surprising for a real documentary. Second of all, the video was posted on YouTube by a user named Ivo Shandor. That just happens to be the fictional name of the architect in Ghostbusters who designed the building which Dana and Louis live in, the building that, in the movie, is nicknamed “Spook Central.”

So, there is no documentary called Spook Central and it’s all just an elaborate hoax. But a funny one! Now will whoever’s responsible please stand up?