Jennifer Aniston Roasts Jimmy Kimmel At The Guy’s Choice Awards

Jimmy Kimmel got a very prestigious honor this past weekend at Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards. He was named the Funniest M.F. Alive, which we think is a pretty fitting title for the talk show host.

So, who was on-hand to present the funnyman with his prize? None other than the lovely Jen Aniston, who had some choice words for her buddy, Mr. Kimmel. Instead of going the normal presenter route and showering Jimmy with praise, she took a cue from Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross and decided to go for a much less subtle approach.

Jen remarks in her mini-roast, “Jimmy, you’ve got a lot going on. Like me, you got engaged this year. Unlike me, nobody cares.” Ooh, burn.

The Guy’s Choice Awards air June 12th at 9/8c. Find out what else Jen has to say about Jimmy in a silly sneak peek, above.