Justin Bieber Fan Week: Show Us Your Bieber Swag(gy)

Submit Using #MyBieberSwag
Welcome back to #BieberFanWeek, Beliebers! Yesterday, you voted for your favorite Justin Bieber album — Believe is currently in the lead — and today we want you to send us photos of your Justin swag!

Remember to return each day through Friday for a new Fan Week event, but for now, send us pictures of your Bieber swag/collections/shrines — we're talking posters, ticket stubs, t-shirts, albums, and anything Bieber-related — by following the simple instructions below.

1) Use the hashtag #MyBieberSwag on Twitter or Instagram to submit your photo.

2) Alternatively, you can use this uploader to send us your photo:

3) Your submissions will display here once we receive them:

So what are you waiting for, Beliebers? Send us your photos of your Justin swag, and don't forget to return tomorrow for a new Fan Week event!

[Main image via Fanpop]



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  • blastoise

    They removed everything. (And I'm /not/ the one who uploaded mass amounts of Asian stuff. Heh.) -Blastοise HF

  • poliwag

    All that fucking childporn. Who the hell..... -Poliwag HF