‘Man of Steel’ Isn’t Even Out Yet, But a Sequel Is Already in the Works

The highly anticipated Man of Steel hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but already a sequel is on the fast track at Warner Bros., Deadline reports this morning. Director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer will both be back. In fact, Snyder has a three-picture deal with the studio which includes Man of Steel, its sequel and a Justice League film starring Superman.

While it’s not surprising that Warner Bros. wants to mimic the success Marvel has had with the Avengers universe films, it is surprising that the studio has already fast tracked the sequel to a movie that isn’t even out yet. And, frankly, hasn’t been received so well by critics. In her review for the Village Voice, Stephanie Zacharek says:

Mostly, Man of Steel is preoccupied with its own spectacle. There’s so much heaviness here that, ironically, nothing seems to have its own weight.

With this deal in place, it does look like producer Christopher Nolan will be stepping back a bit. For Man of Steel, Nolan not only served as a producer, but also as mentor and story co-writer. It was his involvement that helped to drum up initial excitement about the film, coming off his success with the Christian Bale-starring Batman franchise reboot.

Simply, the facts are these: there will be a Man of Steel sequel and there will be a Justice League film. Which villain will Henry Cavill’s Superman take on in the next film? And who will play Wonder Woman in the Justice League? Feel free to speculate in the comments.