Adriana Lima Turns One Year Hotter

She just gets better with age.

Adriana Lima, one of Victoria Secret’s favorite Angels, is turning 32-years-old and looks hotter than ever.

The mother of two seems to have the best of luck in looking better after welcoming her two daughter Valentina and Sienna, with basketball star Marco Jarić.

In 2012, she opened VS’ annual fashion show for the 5th time only after two months giving birth to her youngest child. (Now that’s commitment!)

So what’s her secret?

“I try to work out during their nap times, or I’ll try to go to the gym if possible. If not, I go outside, I’ll take a walk, or have a short run, or I jump rope for 10 minutes,” the Brazilian beauty told Celebuzz this May.

“I always think it’s better to work out or do something for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, better than zero. So whatever time I have, I’ll do something. Just keep moving, no matter what!”

Well, it’s definitely working!

Don’t believe us. Take a look at her sexiest looks — in the gallery above!