Amanda Bynes Attacks Miley Cyrus on Twitter, Calling Her 'Ugly'

Amanda Bynes is taking aim at yet another star's appearance.

The former child is now throwing shade Miley Cyrus' way, tweeting,"Ur ugly @mileycyrus," along a snap of the "We Can't Stop" singer posing at this year's Billboard Awards ceremony.

This certainly isn't the first time Bynes has blasted someone with her new favorite word: "ugly." In various Twitter tirades, she has slammed the looks of everyone from former crush Drake, Kid Cudi, Perez Hilton, and "her dad," Rick Bynes, to Rihanna, Chrissy Teigen, Courtney Love and Jenny McCarthy."

"I only like @Drake because he's so ugly!" she reiterated on Twitter Tuesday, days after knocking the rapper who she once wanted to "murder" her lady parts. "His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he's ugly! I've spoken to him!"

In another recent rant, she called "ugly ex" Kid Cudi "an ugly duckling," adding that "his best photos aren't s*** compared to mine at my best." Bynes later apologized, insisting her "account was hacked" and that "he's not ugly."

But not everyone is bad-looking in Bynes' book: she granted actors Tanz Watson and Liam Hemsworth the title of the "most gorgeous" men in the world.

Better watch your back, Cyrus — Bynes might be coming for your man.



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  • hotwasabi21

    Man, it's like the pot calling the kettle black with her! Get some help for your ugly self, Amanda!

  • Michael Berns
    Michael Berns

    I really do feel quite bad for Bynes. She definitely doesn't seem to be in touch with reality and doesn't seem to understand the ramifications of her actions. Honestly, she really needs a friend right now to just sit her down and be straight with her. Her recent tweets are of course a cry for attention, yet its a lot more then that, its also her reaching out for companionship and help. Really she needs to get herself some help.

  • Shane Robert Kalminski
    Shane Robert Kalminski

    ew, when did I become someone who calls out spelling mistakes? Sorry. I would just delete that if I could.

  • Shane Robert Kalminski
    Shane Robert Kalminski

    we were all former children.

  • Joy Owens
    Joy Owens

    I think Miley is ugly too.

  • truthy1

    She calls bad pictures of herself "unflattering" but those of others "ugly". She wants to be a hip hop star but insults many successful artists. Histrionic Personality Disorder seems to fit.

  • trap111983

    Kinda of ironic that she keeps calling everyone ugly when she's starting to look like a crackhead and she has an awful personality to boot! Amanda, get your shit together before you judge anyone else!