Bryan Cranston Is All “Hey, Maria Menounos, Stop Hogging My Caption Contest Spotlight!”

Bryan Cranston is a treat! I mean it! One might go as far as to say that he is a NATIONAL TREASURE, and not the ridiculously terrible Nicolas Cage movie! High praise, I know, I know. But really, in addition to being a great actor, he is always a welcome addition to celebrity functions and red carpets. I would say I am addicted to his hijinks because of meth and me needing to work in a Breaking Bad reference somehow. Maria Menounos is aiight, too, I guess.

My other great addiction is funny captions, and today’s winners are the perfect fix:

“I work out!!!” – Catherine

“Let me show you how to do the Macarena” – Angela

“Do I make you horny baby” – Bridget

“He’s doing that face again isn’t he… Oh how I wish I could slap him, ruining my picture. Its okay Maria just smile and pretend he isn’t a complete idiot” - Kyler

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