College Gal Katie Holmes Has a Toga Party

Standing in the walk-in closet of her New York City brownstone, Katie Holmes was confused. She was headed to a party on an abandoned railroad track in the Meatpacking District, hosted by one of America’s most iconic brands. And she didn’t know what to wear.

“Mommy, you can borrow these,” her daughter Suri offered up from her spot on the floor. Suri was playing with a pair of black, spiked Louboutins. They’d been a seventh birthday present from Katie. “I have them in, like, three colors anyway.”

Suddenly, Katie Holmes felt a longing for something familiar, yet foreign. A time before Suri, before Tom, before Batman Begins. Back when it was just James, Michelle, Joshua, her and the creek. I don’t wanna wait… she began to sing under her breath when an idea struck her.

Katie kissed Suri goodnight and she was off, feeling like a modern day Cinderella. Her driver was the mouse, the sheets she’d ripped from her four-poster bed were the rags, and the night was her Prince Charming. Katie was wearing a toga to a party on the Highline sponsored by Coach and she didn’t even care. She looked young and free and her friends Naomi Watts and Connie Britton were going to be so jealous.