Kate Upton Naked In Body Paint: This Is The Closest You'll Ever Get To Seeing Her Nude

Kate Upton is painting us a pretty picture of her white-hot curves.

Leaving little to the imagination, the buxom blonde is in the buff in several recently-surfaced outtakes from her 2013 Sports Illustrated photo spread. In the racy images, the model is seen posing in nothing but a thin layer of body paint.

But these images aren't the only things creating a buzz around the internet this week.

Upton, who celebrated her 21st birthday Monday, is rumored to be dating Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, though sources close to either party have conflicting news as to whether or not these two are indeed linked romantically.

Well, with a body like that, Upton will surely have no problems landing herself a man. Maks or not.



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  • johninohio1

    Kate has nice boobs and a pretty face, but the rest of her is nothing special. Her legs and abdomen are shapeless. She gets by on her youthfulness, but she'd better start working on her muscle definition--mainly calves and abs if she wants remain relevant.

  • Farmer Patt Jangan
  • tripgenial

    hi kate...

  • kateupton

    Holy Fat Chick Batman! Ouch. My eyes. I am blind.

  • kateupton

    Holy Shit. Is She Pregnant?

  • Mick Steinz
    Mick Steinz

    No waist? What the fuck are you people talking about? Kate Upton is a damn sexy woman!

  • Ellen Bay
    Ellen Bay

    Droopy boobs, no waist and pouchy stomach! And they've forgotten to air brush a sign of "cottage cheese" starting on her thighs. Bad picture! She had to raise her arms to lift her already sagging breast. And she's not even 30 yet?!! Oye, not so look forward to that. They're going to have to hang her by her thumbs to lift everything upwards!! Funny...!

  • Christine Supplee Chadwick
    Christine Supplee Chadwick

    She's beautiful! A real woman! A healthy size. Her face is pretty. Go Kate!

  • Robert Vagasky
    Robert Vagasky

    She is huge! No waist, no shape, and a face that is take or leave. What everyone sees is beyond me. No thanks,

  • storm123

    holy midsection batman! how can she be on the cover of sports illistrated without a waist?

  • canemah

    I wish I'd applied myself more in art class. Now I'd like to apply myself to Kate Upton.