Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night Can Stop Our Lady Gaga Caption Contest

As Travis once sang, “Why does it always rain on Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney?” That’s my favorite song from the year 1999; what’s yours?

Anyway, I am so happy to see Mother Monster out and about! These last few months of silence have been excruciating! Now that I know she can walk and hold an umbrella at the same time, IT’S TIME FOR SOME INFORMATION ABOUT ARTPOP, LADY!

It’s also time to share the winning captions from yesterday’s caption contest:

“Look everyone “I CAN BE NORMAL TOO”” – Harish

“I’m gonna marry the… Well damn it its raining!!!” – Anthony

“Hold my umbrella, ella ella” – Jennifer

“I dont need an umbrella, im in Chicago Fire!” – Lisa

“Seriously?! I have to held my own umbrella plus a yoghurt with a spoon? Shame on you Taylor!” – Negin

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